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Moving On!!

I have yet to succeed with my aspirations  for school and running a successful online business, but as a wise person said to me before everything happens for a reason. My husband was just relieved of his duties to the U. S. Army, mostly to the cut backs the government is making but also he got caught using steroids-the twist to everything is after he saw the Physician for his back injuries the Army ended u prescribing him steroids…what a shame. Though the good part is he is released under a general and in 6 months he can appeal to get VA benefits and his title of SGT. Also we are returning to our home state; closer to family but not in the same city limits, and we are purchasing a home. So our family of 7 should be comfortable and not stress about the next deployment. Which had we stayed it could have been as early as this November. As soon as things get stable again for us I will be returning to my studies and seeing if I can get that business going. I mean I am a member of the National Collegiate Scholars Society and I have been recognized in both Strathmoore Who’s Who and Cambridge’s Who’s Who registries.   I plan on rectifying that. So all and all things I believe are turning to the brighter side of situations.

Being commitment to your family is just one task that I am currently pursuing, as a full time mother , sole supporter of my active duty husband, and re-starting my path of education in Criminal Justice, I have just begun the path of starting my own businesses. I have been disable for a while but I have decided that I can’t keep going like this I must get back to the work force and show or prove to others with determination anything is possible. If I have to go in debt for college just to have my B.S. and A.S. then so be it as long as I can inspire others that hope is there. I have been a Sunday school teacher as a pass time event for the last 9 months and learned from my children that this dedication and ambition that each one has showed me that I to can do it or at least make a great attempt to strive for it. My ties are to the family and to prosper in riches by the love they show me.

Life does have meaning!! We as a human race do take things for grant especially the little the things…I realized when my husband came back from his second deployment from Iraq that I never really appreciated him enough. Maybe I do but I don’t show it to him on a regular basis. With the news (from Him) that in another sixty days or so we will know whether he will be deploying again to Afganistan for sure just after returning on December 13, 2011. It scares me but at the same time being the soul support and the family unity provider I have to be strong and committed to the relationship, to my husband, and to my children. I am The stronghold of this family without me there would not be this bond that we all have. At times like these we may think there is meaning to hold truth or honor or we run out of fear but this is the time when there is meaning and we should not take any moment for grant. That could be the moment cherished the most. I find truth in the heavens and stars but also in the support of the people surrounding my life. I learned over the last four months of him being gone to find myself but to also not lose him along this path which I almost did. Now I am on a path of realization and re-commitment to the unity of the family. I hold my higher power above all else but then instead of myself at this point I have put my family next till I can not take the little things for grant…..Remember we as a race we have forgot the fore fathers, the veterans, those before us, and those to come, will be what build us up or take us down, they will be have been the builders the cementers of our nation; providing a place of freedom and a times peace, don’t let the little things be took for grant and always know life has a meaning. Whether you are at your weakest hardest postion in your life there is a better place for you. It is for those to come and those who have come that this is possible. Thank you all those serving, have serve, and shall serve. Thank you for the freedom and the peace to sleep in a bed, not to starve, and to be humble to others less fortunate. Thank You!! Bless You and may your Higher Power Serve your Biding’s as you see fit in your life.

My Take!!

It is in My opinion-that it takes all three for the family to have the emotional support for the family to function as a whole. All three function as one for the emotional support as an equal. If the family is falling a part while the soldier is deployed then the soldier’s mind is preoccupied with the problems at home than the mission at hand.  If you are a single soldier it is your family; whether it is your unit or your family back home that also makes up your emotional support unit, which will get you through your day. This to is a vital to the support of these soldiers, depending on the situation of the soldier and depending on the emotional support make up of that family, which can make it or break it for that unit. Each family is different on it’s make up of emotional support. Some family’s  solely depend on their soldier for their emotional support and others solely rely on the spouse, I have found in my own research that most do not rely on the children for the support due to the restrains that most children do have. I live on an Army installation myself and have observed the school atmosphere overing hearing the children express the concerns they have of their parents deployments, their number one concern is when and if  their parent is returning. For the single soldier their concern could very well be be, how am I going to get the support I truly need. As you consider your answer to the poll, the emotional support unit, is in my opinion other-because it takes a whole family to make a support system and a strong environment for a soldier to know he/she can do the job effectively.

The little things in life mean the greatest things to you in the world.

As always it’s another crazy day in the life of where’s the candles, you can be sure it is very crazy but non the less it is just another good day. With just under a basket ball team I have come to the understanding that chaos is always going to be an underlining factor in my life.  I have always been a very strong person and with another deployment just around the corner I know that strength is going to have to get me through it again. I am the sole provider for my five children and my husband when it comes to emotional support I am the one with the burden. My husband is about to deploy for the second time, if all goes well with his injured back from his last Iraq deployment. Then he will deploy, break down the units, and bring back our fellow sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and etc’s but we never know what will happen with the U.S. Army. It is always a hurry up and wait kind of game. Do not get me wrong I truly love my country but at times I find it hard to love the government that runs our country. I am a disabled U.S. American and I pride myself everyday that I will get better and be employed like everyone else at my dream job; which at this moment is in the forensic field. I have been working diligently since April of last year (2010) on my Associates in Criminal Justice. I plan to continue on and get my bachelors but with the five children and a very limited income the student loans are eating away at the little bit of nest egg we do have, so it will be awhile before I will be able to achieve this dream. As for my husband his dreams will be set aside while he fights for everyone’s freedoms. He to was attending college but because he will be traveling around overseas he will not have as much access to internet and will not be able to link up to college and finish his Associates till he returns to the states. Another soldier putting everyone elses needs first before their own with little to no recognition for their efforts. As for my five children and their sacrifices they will not go unrecognized I will do all I can so they know how much they are loved and cared for while their father fights for their freedoms, traditions, and values. As for all the chaos they do cause me there is love and caring that comes out of all the chaos that they do bring me on a daily basis. I care to know what will happen over then year and how strong the ties in our little family will become as we grow together. I know we will cherish every moment together but it will be very hard for us as we live in a hard times. Everyone everywhere is struggling with something whether it is family, money, or just life itself. I know I have struggle with each one individually or all at once. As I said earlier I am a strong woman, I have grown up in an environment where both of my parents where infected of HIV, I lost my father at nine and my mother is a 22 year survivor of HIV/AIDS. I saw both my parents struggle with addiction my mother recovered my father didn’t. I am a child of divorce and yet I have grown into a blossoming marriage of 11 years but been with my husband 15 years so life does have its perks. These little things (memories) in life support us and show us that we can achieve things and I plan on showing my children over this next year if we unit we can and will survive this deployment. As for where’s the candles I am plan on graduating top of my class going on for an internship, paying of the student loans, and achieving great things. I can only advice you to live strong, work hard, and love the little things in life you never know what small things will grant you the big advantages in life.