As I said before I am a full-time student working on my Associates in Criminal Justice, a full-time mom , and a full-time Army wife in the mean time I work as a part-time candle consultant for Partylite and love it at times it gets rough but that’s life. I have been an Army wife going on 4 years now and it has had its perks but it has also had its very bad times. There are those times when My husband goes down theater and on training events and l leaves me with our five very blessed children. I have a 11 year old daughter, a 9 year son, a 7 year son, 5 year old son, and 1  1/2 year old daughter at this current time we live in El Paso, TX as for how long we do not know. I plan to use this blog to express my views on my life, on advertising where’s the candles for my consultant postion with Partylite, and sharing the wealth of being in the military. Over the past four years I have learned that as an active military dependent you will always play the hurry up and wait game in the military, the FRG for my husband unit lacks in its commitment to its role as its support for the families of its soldiers, they do try but as it goes on I have learned they do not know what they are doing. I do understand however that they are just men and women who are trying their best to make it through these times of fustration and half the time they are left with a mess from earlier FRG leaders. I have also learned that the benefits left to us as dependents are slim to none over the years and are getting tighter as the economy shifts in these times of hardship. As for our leader commander and chief I believe he tries but his efforts are effortless when so many birds are chirpping in his ears. As my Husband once said to me “it’s not one man that makes all the mistakes for this great nation but for this nation it is a large communion of over achievers who think they doing the right thing that make the biggest mistakes.” He also says “that assumption is the mother of all mess up,” and since our last election there has been a lot assumption I beleive that has lead to some mess ups.

As For my  business where’s the candles I only would like to express  that great things are likely to occur I am an over achiever and have great plans in store this business. I love candles, smelly stuff, decorating, and food-since Partylite does all of that we get along well. If I know one thing if you have the passion for something it will go a long ways. Being a consultant for Partylite is also something for those of you who don’t have anything to do, it is easy to start and easy to maintain, it is a self-employment job opportunity that you can do at your pace and your time. If you love it this will work for you. I will show you how!! Then again if you are not interested in a job thats all good I will also show you how to have fun with partylite- by shopping and saving. I am still waiting to get my url up and running until then I will be happy for you to email and call me and ship your stuff directly to you via internet shopping. We do take credit cards, cash, and check that’s for those of you who happened to be cloe to me. I would love to share my passion of Partylite with you. That is why I started where’s the candles it is the knock of name for my business as a Partylite consultant. I can not carry the name Partylite but I can share my excitment and my experiences with Partylite with you. I took on Where’s the Candles as a Partylite consultant to get my foot in the door as a worker and to maybe be able to pay my student loans, because I am diasble I only get a very little check from social security. I hope this will get me off social security, pay my loans as I graduate school and in turns I might get another job or  intership. I did a few years ago work once before as a Partylite consultant and I did very,very well but when I moved I did not have the ambition to conitnue to do the business my disability hampered me from doing so.  I truly missed doing Partylite and when I realized this I knew I had to begin anew. The best part about Partylite both times is I never paid to start my business. I started with no money and I have so far earned more than I started with. So for me it has been a win-win situation. My advice to each of you, if you want something bad enough give it a shot, you never know. Plus try you might like it. As for Partylite I love it and I am always able to stop because I never invested anything in it so therefore I am not losing anything, but why? I have it all! I have a family, I have school, I have a job,m and I am happy!! What else is there-well there is still finacial freedom and that is what I am working on now-where’s the candles me partylite consultant will be fincially free within the next 5-7 years (that is my goal) with the Partylite experience because I am dedicated to the job and to myself. I am over $30,000 in debt but I will be able to save and get out of this debt cycle, that even our own nation is in, within my goal. I am saying it will be because of Partylite and the dedicated customers that I obtain over the next few years. It will be because of support and because of dedication…….something I will need to succeed.