It’s amazing how your life can spiral out of control barely missing colliding into the certain kind of “the end of my world” break down. As last most of you knew I was doing, candles, school, military life, raising 5 children, and running some sites. It has been almost 2 yrs since the last time i got on and did anything with this site due to my unfortunate crazy life. I have plenty to tell.

I have yet to finish the remaining classes to my A.S. in Criminal Justice with two or so classes left. My husband was discharged out of the military due to addiction and failure to conform to military standards as a family unit. We all moved back to Washington State in Raymond; where we invested in a home and new start. After just 6-7 months of being here me and my ex-husband had a domestic dispute. I lived for a few months couch surfing with my daughters, and by summer two months later had custody of all the children and still surfing. My grandma sided with my ex and is housing him in our home. My mom announces to us that her white blood cell is very low and she is been ill. By August of 2013 I was able to get a house, set up school for kids, and begin my divorce. I had met a man who I dated three months till he try to hurt me and my children in a confrontation on the freeway while driving. Shortly there after I decided to date the owner of the medical marijuana dispensary  and I was volunteering there on occasion, and still do. Since meeting David I have learned a few things about give emotion and physical support equally and not have every choice I made be made by my ex-spouse. I have moved closer to my mom’s house and have a house that holds all of us. I am very happy with my current position. I feel safe in the company I surround myself with, I have a very loving, sharing, and giving children and boyfriend. Though the last year was difficult it will never out do the 17 yrs that I wasted on a once very joyous person to be around. Between a few domestic assault situations with different people, spending my first night in jail, losing my husband and home, homelessness,  house fire twice, and then the everyday life peeves.

I would call if pretty busy time but when is it not when you have kids. I plan on turning my year around some how. I have already decided to lose 5 pounds and to quit the cigarettes, although I will do this separately. I want to establish a good website as a hobby to entertain myself  and to feel constructive going on 5 years without a job is been crazy. I feel so under appreciated and looked over just because half the time my  body doesn’t function for the age I am. I would like to take time this year to do outdoor activities; hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, ski-doing, swimming, and 4×4. I want to broaden my knowledge and achieve control over the stresses in my life in order to live simpler with my children and boyfriend.

I appreciate the things in life that are small for those are usually what sustain us through the mast majority of life.

Wheres the Candles

Rainbow Gardens Collective-by David Archer

Rainbow Gardens Collective-by David Archer