I have yet to succeed with my aspirations  for school and running a successful online business, but as a wise person said to me before everything happens for a reason. My husband was just relieved of his duties to the U. S. Army, mostly to the cut backs the government is making but also he got caught using steroids-the twist to everything is after he saw the Physician for his back injuries the Army ended u prescribing him steroids…what a shame. Though the good part is he is released under a general and in 6 months he can appeal to get VA benefits and his title of SGT. Also we are returning to our home state; closer to family but not in the same city limits, and we are purchasing a home. So our family of 7 should be comfortable and not stress about the next deployment. Which had we stayed it could have been as early as this November. As soon as things get stable again for us I will be returning to my studies and seeing if I can get that business going. I mean I am a member of the National Collegiate Scholars Society and I have been recognized in both Strathmoore Who’s Who and Cambridge’s Who’s Who registries.   I plan on rectifying that. So all and all things I believe are turning to the brighter side of situations.