Life does have meaning!! We as a human race do take things for grant especially the little the things…I realized when my husband came back from his second deployment from Iraq that I never really appreciated him enough. Maybe I do but I don’t show it to him on a regular basis. With the news (from Him) that in another sixty days or so we will know whether he will be deploying again to Afganistan for sure just after returning on December 13, 2011. It scares me but at the same time being the soul support and the family unity provider I have to be strong and committed to the relationship, to my husband, and to my children. I am The stronghold of this family without me there would not be this bond that we all have. At times like these we may think there is meaning to hold truth or honor or we run out of fear but this is the time when there is meaning and we should not take any moment for grant. That could be the moment cherished the most. I find truth in the heavens and stars but also in the support of the people surrounding my life. I learned over the last four months of him being gone to find myself but to also not lose him along this path which I almost did. Now I am on a path of realization and re-commitment to the unity of the family. I hold my higher power above all else but then instead of myself at this point I have put my family next till I can not take the little things for grant…..Remember we as a race we have forgot the fore fathers, the veterans, those before us, and those to come, will be what build us up or take us down, they will be have been the builders the cementers of our nation; providing a place of freedom and a times peace, don’t let the little things be took for grant and always know life has a meaning. Whether you are at your weakest hardest postion in your life there is a better place for you. It is for those to come and those who have come that this is possible. Thank you all those serving, have serve, and shall serve. Thank you for the freedom and the peace to sleep in a bed, not to starve, and to be humble to others less fortunate. Thank You!! Bless You and may your Higher Power Serve your Biding’s as you see fit in your life.