Being commitment to your family is just one task that I am currently pursuing, as a full time mother , sole supporter of my active duty husband, and re-starting my path of education in Criminal Justice, I have just begun the path of starting my own businesses. I have been disable for a while but I have decided that I can’t keep going like this I must get back to the work force and show or prove to others with determination anything is possible. If I have to go in debt for college just to have my B.S. and A.S. then so be it as long as I can inspire others that hope is there. I have been a Sunday school teacher as a pass time event for the last 9 months and learned from my children that this dedication and ambition that each one has showed me that I to can do it or at least make a great attempt to strive for it. My ties are to the family and to prosper in riches by the love they show me.