It is in My opinion-that it takes all three for the family to have the emotional support for the family to function as a whole. All three function as one for the emotional support as an equal. If the family is falling a part while the soldier is deployed then the soldier’s mind is preoccupied with the problems at home than the mission at hand.  If you are a single soldier it is your family; whether it is your unit or your family back home that also makes up your emotional support unit, which will get you through your day. This to is a vital to the support of these soldiers, depending on the situation of the soldier and depending on the emotional support make up of that family, which can make it or break it for that unit. Each family is different on it’s make up of emotional support. Some family’s  solely depend on their soldier for their emotional support and others solely rely on the spouse, I have found in my own research that most do not rely on the children for the support due to the restrains that most children do have. I live on an Army installation myself and have observed the school atmosphere overing hearing the children express the concerns they have of their parents deployments, their number one concern is when and if  their parent is returning. For the single soldier their concern could very well be be, how am I going to get the support I truly need. As you consider your answer to the poll, the emotional support unit, is in my opinion other-because it takes a whole family to make a support system and a strong environment for a soldier to know he/she can do the job effectively.